Finance & Accounting

Hana's wide range of finance & accounting professionals are equipped with the expertise to handle and support your financial needs. We understand what it takes for a promising career in finance. We ensure that our candidates will provide you with the strategic focus, and analytical ability needed so that your business is at its most profitable.

Provided Services in the Finance & Accounting Branch

IT Services

Over time, the technology field will continue to advance. It takes someone who is passionate to learn new technologies on a continuous basis. That is why when looking for the technical expertise that will enable your business to fully optimize and manage your content, we find matches that are going to be long-term team members, who possess the skills to deliver excellent services in the IT sector of your business.

Provided Services in the Internet Technology Branch


Our connections with Hawaii's top industrial workers provide you with the attention to detail, critical thinking and dependability necessary for challenging tasks. With Hana Talent, you will see an enhancement in your overall productivity and gain the perks of a reliable well structured staff.

Provided Services in Industrial Work

Office & Administration

Our Administrative candidates will assist you in the refinement of your daily productivity giving you the support you need to focus on the growing development of your business. We will align you with staff who provide you with structure, and leadership needed to allow for smoother work flow and increased goal congruence.

Provided Services in the Office & Administration Branch


Whether you're looking to hire or work full-time, temporary, or temp-to-hire, we've got you covered.

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Ideal for needs that arise where full-time isn’t necessary. Seasonal work needs, unusual or flexible hours are some of the many ways we help companies with their temporary staffing needs.


A temp-to-hire worker has a chance to display their skills firsthand rather than on paper. You'll be able to take the time to showcase your skills and work ethic directly to your employer.

Temporary Work Image
Temporary Work Image


Finding an absolute fit that aligns with who you are is our priority. With a direct hire opportunity, we match you with long term candidates & businesses that you can trust.

Edward Everett Hale


Getting a unique look and a fresh perspective can prevent hours of hindered growth. Hana gives you that option with our talented staff working around the clock to serve you. We succeed when you succeed.

Identifying Expertise

Determining the proficiency of a candidate can be a huge challenge. We eliminate the stress with our expert screening methods that will find you a placement in no time.

Finding the Right Fit

We understand that it takes more than talent to reach your best potential. Hana digs deep to get to know who you are so that we can fully understand what you're looking for and align you with a team that shares the same values.


Our staff is hard at work, so leave us your contact information and we'll reach out to you shortly.